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The King of Ginger – Bentong Ginger

The Bentong ginger we use in our Bentong Ginger Care Range is grown and cultivated in Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Here, it thrives on zero pollution, a cool climate and fertile soil that is nourished with natural spring water from the highlands. In order to get the best quality Bentong ginger, it is absolutely essential that we age it for almost a year before harvesting it, and the soil must then be left fallow for up to 5 to 6 years before replanting to restore the soil’s fertility. Hence, Bentong Ginger is very precious indeed!


Bentong ginger emits a delicate yet balanced fragrance. Its spicy aroma is more refined than that of regular ginger. In addition to a multitude of healthcare benefits, Bentong ginger also produces a powerful warming and expelling effect. It can effectively expel “body wind” to alleviate distension and bloating in the belly. It is also able to warm up the body and improve overall blood circulation. Because of its efficacious and wonderful healing properties, Bentong Ginger is crowned as the “King of Ginger”.   


King of Ginger - Malaysia Bentong Ginger Care Series

Silicone-free, sulfate-free (SLS, SLES), preservative-free, artificial dye-free and fragrance-free

Main Ingredients: Malaysia's finest Bentong Ginger and Turmeric Extract

  • Uses a coconut oil amino acid-based surfactant which contains natural foaming properties to gently and effectively cleanse the scalp and eliminate sebum without stripping the skin of its natural moisture

  • Grapefruit seed, calamus and perilla extracts are used as natural preservatives

  • Manufactured by certified Malaysia GMP Pharmaceutical Company

  • Made in an ISO 9001 certified facility

  • Comply with the regulatory requirements of the European Regulation, all our products are in the highest quality, reliability and safety 

  • Patented Product in Hong Kong: HK30044981

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