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Herbal Senses Company Limited All Rights Reserved.

You are hereby advised of the following copyright and reproduction rights:

The brand name ‘Herbal Senses’, and all other product names and marks and the stylized registered trade marks of the same, the photographs and other information are the exclusive property of Herbal Senses Company Limited and shall not at any time now or in the future be used for any purpose without express written approval of Herbal Senses Company Limited. Any adaptation or copying of the same or copying any contents of the website is not permitted. You may not use any material from the website for business or commercial purposes or publication of any kind. However, a licence may be given to copy some for personal use in limited circumstances such as given below:



  • For the purpose of showing others your purchase/s of specific Herbal Senses or Tanamera product/s you may take a print of it for such and other personal use which can be deemed as reasonable for such purpose only. You have to acknowledge that this material has been obtained from the site.

  • If a print of any material is obtained to be given to any third party also for their personal use only or for purchasing products from the Herbal Senses website, you must advise the third party that this has been obtained from the site and the terms and conditions applicable.

  • However, in either of the above circumstances or otherwise, the licence does not allow the use of the contents of the website for publication or for business or/and commercial purposes or to be sent to another party or parties for such purposes either via email, hardcopy or other method.

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