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8 Little secrets about BB you may not know about

1. A newborn BB does not initially have tears

The cry of a newborn BB only involves shouting and sobbing, and not the shedding of actual tears! This is because their lacrimal glands are not yet well developed. Most BBs will only start to develop their lacrimal glands before two weeks of age.

2. BB can swallow and breathe simultaneously

The position of BB's throat is higher than that of adults. When they swallow, their air pathways will not be blocked by the epiglottis. So when swallowing, BB is able to breathe easily at the same time.

3. Most BBs prefer to face right

Only 15% of newborn BBs prefer to face left. This may be related to genetics, as most people are right-handed.

4. Newborn babies are great climbers

Surprisingly, newborn BBs know how to climb to get to mother’s breast. According to scientists, placing your BB on your belly will teach them to climb upwards as they are drawn to the smell of breast milk.

5. BB is very flexible

There are about 300 bones in BB's skeleton, and with age, the bones grow and merge to form completely. So before the bones have finished growing, BB's body is very flexible, and this natural feature also helps BB to pass through the birth canal.

6. BB has an accent when shouting

Some scientists have found that when BB shouts, there is an accent. And that accent comes from their mother's voice which they hear while in the womb.

7. BB loves the water

This is called the diving response and disappears when BB is about six months old. When BB is immersed in water, BB’s limbs will automatically start to swim and paddle in the water.

8. If necessary, BB can sneeze continuously

Many mothers know that BB's nasal passages are much narrower than adults, so they need to be cleaned more frequently. Since BBs don't know how to blow their nose, they have to use their natural instinct to sneeze and snort until their noses are cleared once more.

Have you noticed any other little habits of BB?

Share your stories with us in the comments!

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