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Terms and Conditions – Treatment Service


  1. Products and services sold by Herbal Senses are non-refundable.  

  2. Paid deposits and fees for treatments are valid for a one (1) year period, and will not be refunded or exchanged for other products and services after the expiration date.

  3. If you want to cancel your appointment or change the time of your treatment, you will need to notify the company 24 hours in advance. Otherwise the company will automatically deduct payment for the booked treatment service.

  4. Treatment times will not be reissued if the on-site treatment is postponed on the same day, or if the customer leaves due to other reasons.

  5. Home Service is only available in London Area. Door-to-door services are inclusive of basic transportation fares. Surcharges will apply if outside of a 5 miles radius from KT2. 

The effects of the treatment varies from person to person, and the company will not make any promises or be held accountable for the effects of the treatment.  In case of any disputes, the decision of Herbal Senses Company Limited is final. 

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