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Bringing you the full spa experience
with our Belly Binding Treatment 

Experience Our Traditional Belly Binding Treatment in a Relaxing Spa Atmosphere


Postpartum fatigue is very real and can take its toll on a mother’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Hence, it is our greatest wish to help mothers restore their prenatal body confidence, while helping them to relax and find a sense of balance once again in every way possible. With our healing hands, our experienced therapists use a variety of different massage techniques in our treatments. This includes kneading, rolling, rubbing, and the use of vibrations and firm tapping motions.

The benefits of our Traditional Belly Binding treatment:

  • Helps mothers relax

  • Alleviates fatigue in the body

  • Warms up the skin

  • Clears the meridians

  • Release lactic acid build-up in the muscles

  • Helps deoxygenated blood return to the heart

  • Increases lymphatic activity and expels toxins

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Helps break down adipose tissue

  • Stimulates nerve endings

  • Relieves muscle tension and stiffness

  • Improves muscle elasticity


60-minutes Spa Experience with Traditional Belly Binding Treatment


Back Massage:

The traditional Belly Binding treatment first begins with a comprehensive back massage, a process commonly known as "opening the back".

The bladder meridian is located on the back, and it is the longest of the 12 meridians located in the human body. The inner part of the bladder meridian in particular covers a vital section of the internal organs.


There are several acupressure points located within this region. Each point represents an “unclean” area as the bladder meridian is known to be the “waste storage centre” of the human body and is the body’s main channel for waste elimination. An obstruction in the bladder that disrupts the process of waste elimination in the body can potentially affect the efficacy of treatment.


In addition to helping mothers rest and relax, acupressure back massage also helps to alleviate postpartum stress, clear the bladder meridian, detoxify the body and stimulate lymphatic drainage to optimize the results of the treatment.


Neck and Shoulder Massage:

Most mothers tend to experience neck and shoulder pain after giving birth. Massage in these areas can help to relieve fatigue as well as tension, aches and pains in the neck and shoulder muscles.


Waist and Abdomen Massage:

Tanamera's unique signature Abdomen massage is particularly effective at alleviating intestinal peristalsis. It can also help to expel wind, eliminate water retention, improve lymphatic drainage, detoxify the gastrointestinal region and relieve bloating and constipation. This massage produces a soothing and warming effect on the belly.


After the Abdominal massage, our therapists will move on to massage the waist using special waistline-reshaping techniques.


Hand and Foot Massage (90-minute session):

Some mothers also experience edema (swelling due to water retention) on their hands and feet, which is usually caused by lymphatic obstructions and an accumulation of interstitial fluid.


Using manual massage techniques, our experienced therapists are able to stimulate lymphatic activity and alleviate the buildup of interstitial fluid to relieve edema pain on the hands and feet.


Caution: Avoid to do binding on your hands and legs as this can worsen the effects of edema.

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Warm Compress Massage:

It helps to effectively expel wind while improving blood circulation and providing much-needed warmth to the uterus. 


Tanamera Natural Firming Herbal Mask:

Tanamera's traditional "Jamu" formula contains a potent blend of natural ingredients, such as ginger, turmeric, alyxia,  garcinia cambogia, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, star anise and cardamom.


Alyxia in particular is a very rare plant that can grow over 700 to 900 meters tall, and cannot be planted artificially. It contains powerful healing properties to expel wind and cold, promote blood circulation and detoxify the body. Additionally, garcinia cambogia helps to break down adipose tissues, prevent further weight gain and reduce the buildup of excess fluid in the body.


The "Jamu" belly mask has a warming effect that serves to warm up the body, eliminate water retention, detoxify, stimulate microcirculation, and effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Tanamera’s Signature Postpartum Belly Binding:

Tanamera’s specially-designed postpartum belly binding is made out of unbleached and dyed cotton fabric. The material is breathable and comfortable, and provides sufficient support for the lower back to help relieve postpartum back pain and improve overall posture.


The correct way to bind the abdomen is to start from the buttocks and up towards the base of the chest. Binding the abdomen helps to stabilize the position of the uterus, prevents uterine prolapse, repairs the separation in the rectus abdominis muscles, and restores the skeletal frame of the pelvis and ribs.


The binder must be worn for several consecutive days, with an intermittent rest period of 1 – 2 days, before wearing it again for a few more consecutive days. It is recommended to keep the girdle on for at least 8 hours a day.


Most mothers return to their prenatal figures after 10 – 15 days of treatment. By wearing the binder for several consecutive days, mothers find that the separation in their rectus abdominis shrinks from 3 – 4 fingers in width to only half or one finger in width.


Tanamera Natural Massage Oils:

There is a variety of natural Tanamera massage oils for mothers to choose from, according to their specific needs and preferences.


Tanamera Herbal Massage Oil

Effectively relieves edema, detoxifies and relieves muscle soreness


Tanamera Ginger Blend Massage Oil

Provides a warming effect, expels wind and detoxifies


Tanamera Green Coffee Massage Oil

Helps break down fat and tones the tummy, thighs and buttocks


King of Ginger Bentong Ginger Warming Massage Oil

Warms the skin, expel wind, stimulates lymphatic drainage, detoxifies Also suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin


Tanamera Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Moisturizes and repairs dry and cracked skin


Tanamera Carrier Oil

Made with grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and virgin coconut oil. Deeply moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily residue


Add-On Treatment:

Korea KFDA and US FDA Certified Medical Grade Far-Infrared (FIR) Thermal Therapy

FIR uses medical-grade electromagnetic radiation that is widely used in Korean hospitals and aesthetic clinics. FIR rays are able to penetrate 5 micrometers (μm) into the subcutaneous tissue, and is 11 times more powerful than High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatments.


By penetrating deep into the underlying layers of fat and muscle, FIR rays are able to instantly stimulate collagen production, tighten the outer membranes of the muscles, and effectively improve sagging of the skin.


Using the revolutionary technology of carbon nanofibers to generate medical-grade FIR rays, we are able to activate the atomic and molecular resonance of cells to increase basal body temperature and trigger deep perspiration to expel heavy metals and toxins that are present in the body.


Studies have shown that the toxins expelled during deep perspiration via FIR rays are up to 10 times more concentrated than that of urine. At the same time, FIR thermal therapy also promotes blood circulation and improves the body’s metabolism to aid with weight loss.

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