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The King of Ginger – Malaysia Bentong Ginger


Our Bentong Ginger Care Range is grown and cultivated in Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Here, it thrives on zero pollution, a cool climate and fertile soil that is nourished with natural spring water from the highlands. To get the best quality Bentong Ginger, we age it for a year before harvesting it, and the soil must then be left fallow for up to 5 to 6 years before replanting to restore the soil’s fertility. Hence, Bentong Ginger is very precious indeed!Bentong Ginger emits a delicate yet balanced fragrance. Its spicy aroma is more refined than that of regular ginger. Bentong Ginger also produces a powerful warming and expelling “body wind-cold” effect and improves overall blood circulation. Because of its efficacious and wonderful healing properties, Bentong Ginger is crowned as the “King of Ginger”.


Bentong Ginger Warming Massage Oil 100ml


  • Expels wind and cold, relieves flatulence, stimulates blood circulation, nourishes the skin and warms up the body, hands and feet
  • Made with 100% all natural ingredients, including Malaysia's premium Bentong ginger, curcumin and aloe vera extract.
  • Antioxidant-rich black seed oil is also added to detoxify and deeply hydrate the skin
  • This massage oil creates a warming effect, and the warmth helps to effectively expel wind and cold in the body, as well as promote blood circulation.
  • Using grapefruit seed, acorus calamus and perilla frutescens extracts for preservation, to make it all natural.
  • Manufactured by GMP pharmaceutical company
    Comply with the regulatory requirements of the European Regulation, all our products are in the highest quality, reliability and safety.
  • Patent Product in Hong Kong HK30044981
  • Made in Malaysia

How to Use:Pour an appropriate amount of oil onto your palm, and rub it in between your hands to warm up the oil before massaging it onto your body.

King of Ginger -Bentong Ginger Warming Massage Oil 100ml

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